Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And A River Runs Through It

This section of 101 is called the Redwood Highway as it twists through and around the Redwood State Park, eventually reaching the Del Norte Redwoods State Park and the Jedidiah Smith Wilderness Area. What a lot of trees. It actually begins to feel a little overwhelming, especially when the RV is rattling along the high edge of a road above a river with the trees looming all around in great walls of green.

The Smith River is another awesome sight, with huge boulders creating cascades of white foam into the clear green water. As we drove through the Smith Wilderness Area, we resisted as long as we could, before nature compelled us to get out of our tin can and take a proper look. From a roadside pullout we walked down to the riverside to find another family swimming in the river from a large pebble beach. The kids made friends with their dog, then Little Starlet stripped off her shoes and socks for a little paddle – cut short when she noticed the many water snails clinging to the rocks.

This place was beautiful. We were sorry that our plans did not allow us to spend half a day or more exploring this area. Next time.

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